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Southern food and down-home cookin’ with 24 beers on tap.
Modern Take on Sushi
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Neighborhood Bar & Grill
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Bull City Sushi
Basan is Eschelon's first restaurant in Durham, serving up sushi and much more.
Edwards Mill Bar & Grill
Burgers, sandwiches, pasta...comfort foods redefined.
Cocktail Bar
Our drinks are fun, diverse, and are sure to knock you off your feet.
Our Chef
Taion McElveen

Meet Our Head Chef, Taion McElveen

The Bare Bone’s team is comprised of some the Triangle restaurant industry’s best and brightest.

Read on to learn more about our Chef:

Taion McElveen, Head Chef

Head Chef Taion McElveen has lived in Raleigh since the age of 7, and he is happy to call the Capital City home. He got his start in the restaurant industry under Chef Aron Cremeans. Chef McElveen followed Cremeans to Fayetteville at Riverside Steak and Oyster Bar as Sous Chef before returning to Raleigh to work at Babylon, then for Eschelon Experiences as chef at Cameron Bar and Grill, sous chef at Faire, head chef at The Oxford, and now head chef at Bare Bones. McElveen recently went to Wall Street to represent Bare Bones during US Food’s celebration, an event that included a re-creation of a restaurant kitchen under the New York Stock Exchange façade. To read more about Chef Taion bringing his southern style food to New York click here for his full adventure in the big apple. “As a family, food has always brought everybody together from family reunions, birthday parties, and weekend cookouts. These were a big deal in the family and seeing that as a kid, I knew I wanted to be a Chef to make people happy through food,” Chef McElveen says. “Being around a family that loved to cook made me want to do that on a much bigger scale. My mother has always supported me and pushed me to achieve this career goal. Although she has not been around to see me reach my goal as a Chef, I know she is proud that I am doing what I love to do.” Chef McElveen attended Art Institute Raleigh-Durham, graduating in 2010.

He loves that chefs can make a guest’s day by creating something that they will remember. Chef McElveen is proud to be a part of making good food that keep guests coming back for more. During his free time, Chef McElveen enjoys playing golf and cheering on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Although he doesn’t currently have any pets, he hopes to one day to have a teacup pig and name him “Bacon.”